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:: CD Presentations

Present your company in an effective way

It is vital in this competitive business environment that your company creates that first impression on your customer & keeps him coming back to you.

‘I-Web Solutions’ CD presentations will do that & much more. A CD presentation is the most innovative way in which a company could impress their potential customers, and they will be able to view the presentation at any time they want.
Your company’s CD presentation can include video clips, animated graphs, High-resolution photography and other media elements.

Promotional material

Have you heard of an interactive Company brochure? Then feast your eyes on the latest technological innovation-a CD that is an interactive brochure. You don’t need printed material simply produce the CD & impress your customers. Include vivid graphics, animation, audio & video without the hassle of browsing the net or down loading material. What’s more you have extra storage space to play with. Just contact us and we will provide several concepts for you to choose from.
Training materials

A CD presentation is multi functional and you can use it to train your staff. CD Rom is user friendly, comprehensible & easy to handle.

E-Business Card

Say good-bye to your connectional card & impress your potential client with an E-Business Card, a card that includes a whole new multimedia experience with animation, audio and video.

This E-Business Card is similar to a normal visiting card & what's more it will fit your client wallet. The card will hold your website, your product portfolio & services available all in one.

Replacing both brochures & manuals you can demonstrate your product catalogues website or a database on a computer that has a CD Rom drive!

Use the Interactive CD Rom for

Security Card
Worried about your company’s confidential files? Secure them with customized CD's & PC Security cards with User ID's unique for each card.

Music Demos
Now you can record your full album in MP3 format or up to 3 complete tracks in 16 bit / 44.1khtz.

Trade Shows
It is also an easy & convenient way to distribute your promotional material at trade shows & exhibitions.

Company Demos
Impress your potential customers with an interior walk through of the company’s interactive premises & full motion audio visual presentation.

Sales Presentation
Make your CD card a magazine cover-mount, insert with direct mailers or an exhibition give away.

Ideal Learning material for your staff. This includes video training session, video tutorial, 3D modules walk through.

Produce your product & service Databases on a CD.

Interactive Presentation
Interactive multimedia presentation to create that vital first impression

Company Profile

A profile of a company addresses its customers and the general public. It contains every positive item of information that will create a favourable impression of the company. We can help you with the design and production of the company profile.

Flash Banner

A very effective form of advertising resorted to by many producers of goods and services. We can advise you on the suitability and designing of this presentation.