Make Your Presence Felt On The Net!

I-Web Solution's helps you succeed in today's Internet economy by combining forward-looking business technology with intelligent simplifications. Our experience includes database integration, e-commerce, B2B, intuitive content management tools and complex mathematical calculations.

1. Why pay professionals every time you to do type setting, upload photographs or change the picture the text of your homepage every day when you can have your virtual office to be updated within your brick & mortar office. Let us provide the dynamic website you need.

2. We provide our customer an online administration section, an ideal tool that will reduce the expenses of engaging web developers.

3. Sustained growth in your Internet business demands a solid technological foundation and efficient web database integration. At I-Web Solutions we believe that web solutions should have synergy with your business operations. This needs building scalable technology that augments your existing architecture while anticipating future enhancements.

Features and Advantages of Dynamic Websites!

A dynamic interactive website can do wonders to your business. Below are the benefits of a dynamic database-driven website.

Dynamic Pages -
Generate dynamic web pages, ideal for product information, training, events, support, press releases, news stories, user registration to a newsletter etc. As the content will be dynamically sourced from the database, the same web page may generate thousands of different HTML pages (only limited by the number of database records). This will cut down maintenance cost and detach the front-end design from the data.

Up to date Information -
Since the information from a dynamic site is generated in 'real time' from your database, the information on your site can always be up-to-date. You can have your latest promotion, press release or job vacancy online, within seconds.

Administration Functions -
Create administrative pages to maintain the content in-house, without any programming knowledge through the 'Control Panel'. This functionality will give you absolute control over the content of your site and its formatting.

Site Searching -
Enable users to search a particular topic or specific information quickly, easily and accurately.

Permission Marketing -
The database once generated can be used for any new plans in future I,e., for generating new reports, cross-marketing, or to drive automated processes such as a mail sent to all registered users when a new product/training is launched.

Monitoring and Analysing Traffic -
You need to be able to monitor traffic and the various resources accessed on your site. Statistics can be produced on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and will be made available online via a secured authentication (username and password, no anonymous access will be permitted).

Secure Solutions -
Your site needs to be protected against unauthorised access. We take all the security measures possible to ensure that your content and database including the 'Control Panel' are protected against any kind of unauthorized access.

Although our systems perform complex functions, we use a simple process to empower non-technical persons to easily manage virtually every element of the web environment.

The Web Development Process

We cannot perform this daunting task without your cooperation. So a development procedure has been formulated keeping in mind the importance of time. For this purpose we require valuable and optimum intervention from your side.

A straightforward full design and development package usually comprises five stages.

Stage One - Identification
First & foremost we prefer to get a brief from you. If you have a concept in mind we invite you to talk to us, otherwise we will consult with our team of experts & come up with a solution addressing your requirements.

Stage Two - Visualization
Secondly we will present our solution/concept to you & will listen to your feedback & opinions. Then we will amend it until you are satisfied with our solutions and concept. Then we know that we have the right structure or layout.

Stage Three - Development
While we work on the full design & the programming, you will be able to see the site & we will listen to your feedback.

Stage Four - Evaluation
We will complete our work with in the agreed time period. At that point we will seek your opinion & scan the new design meticulously for errors. Even at that stage we will make alteration to suit your needs. The final draft should be approved by you for us to go ahead with the launch.

Stage Five - Completion
Finally the site will be handed over to you & uploaded to your server.